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The importance of perivascular adipocytes.The importance of perivascular adipocytes.

In the last few years there has been a steadily increasing interest in the possible importance of perivascular fat.  Like the endothelium (pre 1980’s), the perivascular adipocytes were previously thought to be unimportant and were discarded prior to investigation of the physiology and pharmacology of isolated vascular segments.  With the benefit of hindsight, that might […]

Future Cardiovascular Research Demand – The medics speakFuture Cardiovascular Research Demand – The medics speak

This seminar (22nd Feb 2011) was hosted by NEXXUS who invited Dr Colin Berry and Prof. Matthew Walters to speak about technologies for studying cardiac and cerebrovascular disease respectively.   This was an excellent event with two very knowledgeable speakers. Dr Berry told us about novel technologies to guide risk assessment and treatment in Heart […]

Perivascular Fat: Cause of Diabetes & HypertensionPerivascular Fat: Cause of Diabetes & Hypertension

The seminar (22nd Feb 2011) was beautifully delivered by Prof Tony Hegarty who spoke about the importance of perivascular fat (i.e. the fat around blood vessels).  Most experiments on isolated blood vessels are done after the fat has been carefully removed.  However, recent evidence has suggested that this fat has a powerful anti-contractile effect and […]

The appliance of Cardiovascular Science in the West of ScotlandThe appliance of Cardiovascular Science in the West of Scotland

This was the title of the lecture given today at the Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre by Prof. Graham Watt.   First the bad news; Life expectancy (related to cardiovascular disease) has not improved over the past 10-20 years.   Cigarette smoking is one of the biggest risks here in Glasgow and around 70% of us have a […]

Hypertension Workshop (BPS)Hypertension Workshop (BPS)

Last week I attended the British Pharmacological Society workshop on Hypertension.  This was a fantastic meeting with a great line-up of speakers. Prof. Tom McDonald gavea very polished talk on the epidemiology of hypertension.  Prof McDonald reminded us that for every 1kg of weight we gain our blood pressure goes up by 1mmHg.  The cure […]