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Using Sketchfab for Public Engagement in ScienceUsing Sketchfab for Public Engagement in Science

Online learning continues to grow within the higher education sector as we exploit better communication technologies.  The anticipated arrival of the 5G mobile network will provide an enhanced wireless bandwidth capable of streaming large capacity content (or datasets) with minimal latency.  This in turn provides a platform on which to build ambitious online teaching resources. […]

Is Collaborative VR the Future of Education?Is Collaborative VR the Future of Education?

The strangest part was waiting in a completely dark room, illuminated only by the gigantic blood vessel floating in mid-air. I’m waiting for Tom who is currently in Washington DC but has arranged to meet me in this virtual room at 3pm. It’s 2.58pm and I’m actually feeling a bit edgy. Will Tom appear in […]

Printing receptors in 3D and viewing in VRPrinting receptors in 3D and viewing in VR

‘Pharmacology 2018’ met in London this week for the Winter meeting of the British Pharmacological Society (BPS).  At the ‘innovations in pharmacology teaching’ session we exhibited our 3D printed receptors and also the Sketchfab site we constructed for the BPS.  Sketchfab is becoming an extremely popular way of exhibiting 3D digital models and offering 3D […]

Virtual Reality, animations and 3D printing; the future of teaching in life sciencesVirtual Reality, animations and 3D printing; the future of teaching in life sciences

Craig presented at the 2nd MVLS Medical Visualisation Conference at the beginning of the week.  The presentation focussed on our developments in VR and 3D printing but also touched on ‘Arnold’ rendering within Maya.  It’s very clear that VR and related technologies will be integral features of teaching in the near future.  Many of the […]

Laser scanning cardiovascular tissuesLaser scanning cardiovascular tissues

i had great fun today playing with the new confocal microscope from Leica (SP8).  Just a demo but very impressive piece of equipment.  Really fast scans and excellent image quality.  The software looks great too.  This would be an ideal system to teach confocal imaging on – simple and intuitive but extremely powerful. The system […]

The future of cardiovascular education?The future of cardiovascular education?

Perhaps a bit of a dramatic title, but there may be some merit in it.  The article, shown in the image, has just been published in the most recent issue of Physiology News and sets out our progress over the past 4 years in developing new educational materials.  Essentially, the novel aspect is the use […]

‘Latest news’? – We’re back‘Latest news’? – We’re back

Clearly, the posts below do not represent ‘recent news’. However, after a 7 year break from blogging, and on the back of a complete website makeover, I will be posting again soon. My plan is to post at least once a week on something cardiovascular-related that has caught my eye. It might be an interesting […]

Vascular & Smooth Muscle PhysiologyVascular & Smooth Muscle Physiology

This themed meeting of the Physiological Society was held in the Surgeons’ Hall, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (6th-8th Dec 2011).  The three day event covered a range of topics within an obvious focus on Ca++ signalling and KV channels.   Nanospaces was a new topic for me and so the introductory lecture by […]

C3 Contribute to the Images of Science exhibition at Glasgow Science CentreC3 Contribute to the Images of Science exhibition at Glasgow Science Centre

One of our directors (Dr Craig Daly) recently attended the opening of the new Glasgow Science Centre exhibition ‘Images of Science’.  C3 were delighted to have one of their own images included in the exhibition which is mounted outside the science center on the clyde walkway.

C3 Director, Ian McGrath, wins prestigious JR Vane medal for PharmacologyC3 Director, Ian McGrath, wins prestigious JR Vane medal for Pharmacology

We are delighted to report that Professor Ian McGrath has just been awarded this year’s JR Vane medal by the British Pharmacological Society.  Read more about the award here;