Author: Craig

SCF 2011 – University of Aberdeen

As always this was a great (intimate meeting).  At £10 a head for registration it is probably the best value for money of any of the regular cardiovascular meetings.  There must have been around 60 delegates as the treasurer had £600 in his bag when we arrived at the pub to watch the Scotland vs […]

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Hypertension Workshop (BPS)

Last week I attended the British Pharmacological Society workshop on Hypertension.  This was a fantastic meeting with a great line-up of speakers. Prof. Tom McDonald gavea very polished talk on the epidemiology of hypertension.  Prof McDonald reminded us that for every 1kg of weight we gain our blood pressure goes up by 1mmHg.  The cure […]

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Scottish Cardiovascular Forum

The Scottish Cardiovascular Forum meets annually and tomorrow it all happens in Aberdeen.  I will post a report early next week.

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