Future Cardiovascular Research Demand – The medics speak

This seminar (22nd Feb 2011) was hosted by NEXXUS who invited Dr Colin Berry and Prof. Matthew Walters to speak about technologies for studying cardiac and cerebrovascular disease respectively.


This was an excellent event with two very knowledgeable speakers.

Dr Berry told us about novel technologies to guide risk assessment and treatment in Heart Disease.  It would appear that the incidence of cardiac-related mortality is increasing due to the increased number of people living with (i.e. surviving a first incident) heart disease.  There are a number of new and emerging technologies for imaging the heart and coronary vessels (in particular OCT) which should markedly improve early diagnosis of potential heart problems.

Prof Walters began by pointing to the relative lack of funding available for the study of cerbrovascular disease (compared with levels of cardiac-related funding).  This is surprising given the huge costs (£3 billion p/a) of treatment to the NHS in caring for stroke patients.  Drug therapy appears not to be very successful with thrombolytics offering the best outcome.  The pathophysiology is complex, but fortunately new high resolution imaging modalities may prove crucial in determining the need (or not) for surgery.

Author: Craig