SCF 2011 – University of Aberdeen

As always this was a great (intimate meeting).  At £10 a head for registration it is probably the best value for money of any of the regular cardiovascular meetings.  There must have been around 60 delegates as the treasurer had £600 in his bag when we arrived at the pub to watch the Scotland vs France rugby match.  That’s got nothing to do with the cardiovascular system so you need to check another blog for details.

This was the 14th annual meeting of the forum and the usual high standard was maintained. Check out the home page for more details

Speakers presented on a broad range of topics from clinical trials to cell signalling (and everything in between).  The two hour poster session gave PhD students and young postcdocs the chance to ‘cut their teeth’ in a pleasant and relatively informal environment.

The take-home message for me was that; in order to reduce you risk of cardiovascular disease you need to lie on a sunny beach (absorbing vitamin D) eating dark chocolate.  I kid you not!  This has got to the best news since red wine was discovered to have loads of anti-oxidant benefits.  Looks like my lifestyle aint so bad after all.

Next cardiovascular forum is in Dundee (I think).

Author: Craig